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人民公园 People's Park

Updated: Mar 10

人民公園 People's Park

Director: J.P. Sniadecki

导演: 史杰鹏

Genre: Documentary 类型: 纪录片

Country/Region of Production: USA / Mainland China 制片国家/地区: 美国 / 中国大陆

Language: No dialogue 语言: 无对白

Duration: 78 minutes 片长: 78分钟

English Title: "People's Park" 英文名: People's Park IMDb: tt2334076


影片以一次独一无二的公园漫步为线索,生动地描绘了四川成都人民公园的真实画面。影片通过纯粹的电影魔力将这次漫步转化为对社会空间、公共距离、业余表演、凝视和回归的创新探索。导演Libbie Cohn和J.P. Sniadecki采用了一种独特而巧妙的拍摄手法:持续七十五分钟的单一长镜头。在这个充满生气和自由的中国公园中,导演们巧妙地平衡了精心策划和对自然及不确定性的精确把控。他们的摄影镜头不停地移动和飘动,捕捉到了城市居民的百态人生,包括吃饭、散步、唱歌、书法、跳舞等各种娱乐、放松、社交、自由的场景,以及他们对导演和其他人的观察和凝视。



This delightful and conceptually rich documentary, following a unique stroll through a park, vividly portrays the real-life scenes of People's Park in Chengdu, Sichuan. Through pure cinematic magic, the film transforms this leisurely walk into an innovative exploration of social space, public distance, amateur performances, gaze, and return. Directors Libbie Cohn and J.P. Sniadecki employ a distinctive and ingenious filming technique: a continuous 75-minute single take. In this vibrant and carefree Chinese park, the directors masterfully balance meticulous planning with precise handling of nature and uncertainty. Their camera constantly moves and glides, capturing the diverse scenes of urban residents enjoying, relaxing, socializing, and embracing freedom, including activities like dining, strolling, singing, calligraphy, and dancing, as well as their observations and gazes towards the directors and others.

"At First Light" initially appears as simple observation, but as time progresses, it gradually gathers a sense of joy and wanderlust. When people, actions, music, images, and the sounds of dancing all come together, the film reaches a captivating climax. It offers an almost purely pleasurable cinematic experience. Ultimately, the result is extraordinary: a documentary that recreates reality or depicts absolute reality, evoking associations with the Song Dynasty's "Along the River During the Qingming Festival."


史杰鹏是人类学电影作者,他的电影包括《荒漠沙海》(2017)、《铁道》(2014)、《玉门》(2012)、《人民公园》(2012)、《外来零件》(2010)与《拆迁》(2010)。他与朱日坤合作,从18年开始在北京的宋庄举办16毫米电影工作坊。他是 2017年古根海姆奖的获得者,目前执教于美国西北大学,是纪录片媒体硕士课程的负责人。

Director's Introduction

J.P. Sniadecki is an anthropological filmmaker whose works include "The Iron Ministry" (2017), "Iron Railings" (2014), "Yumen" (2012), "People's Park" (2012), "Foreign Parts" (2010), and "Demolition" (2010). He has collaborated with Zhu Rikun and has been conducting 16mm film workshops in Beijing's Songzhuang since 2018. He is the recipient of the 2017 Guggenheim Fellowship and currently teaches at Northwestern University in the United States, where he heads the Documentary Media MFA program.

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