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Regional Co-Curator - Recruitment
区域 联合策展人-招募


  1. Regional business operations;

  2. Liaising with screening venues;

  3. Organizing and managing screening events.

Application Notes:

  1. If you are involved in artistic work or are a student majoring or graduating in art-related fields, please indicate in the email;

  2. If you have recommendations from individuals in the film or related industries, please provide the recommender's name and contact information;

  3. If you wish to discuss other collaboration possibilities with us, please mention it in the email.


  1. 区域业务经营;

  2. 联络放映场地;

  3. 组织管理放映活动。


  1. 如果您是从事艺术类工作或是艺术类专业在读及毕业的学生,请在邮件中注明;

  2. 如果您有电影或相关行业的推荐人,请注明推荐人的姓名及联系方式;

  3. 如果您希望和我们探讨其他的合作方式,请在邮件中备注。

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