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Chinese Title: 情诗


English Title: Love Poem 英文名:Love Poem

Production Companies: Zai Li Dan Film (Hong Kong) / Beijing Feichang Media Culture 出品公司:香港志在立蛋影业/ 北京非常媒文化

Production Region: Hong Kong, China 制片地区:中国香港

Filming Location: Linqu, Shandong 拍摄地点:山东临朐

Director: Wang Xiaozhen 导演:王晓振

Writer: Wang Xiaozhen 编剧:王晓振

Starring: Zhou Qing, Wang Xiaozhen 主演:周青、王晓振

Runtime: 114 minutes 片长:114 分钟

Genre: Drama

类型:剧情片 IMDB:tt12619028




情诗 LOVE POEM 讲述了一个年轻夫妇带着他们的孩子踏上乡间之旅,前往探望生病的祖父的故事。故事发生在中国,这对年轻夫妇为了看望祖父,将他们的生活从繁忙的城市转移到宁静的乡村。然而,在通往目的地的令人窒息的车程中,丈夫(导演本人扮演)将他们夫妻的关系转化成了一幅电影画面,映射出他们的关系逐渐瓦解的状态。爱情与电影创作在这个故事中交织在一起,为观众呈现出一幅回荡心头的故事。


Film Introduction:

Directed and written by Wang Xiaozhen, "Love Poem" stars Zhou Qing and Wang Xiaozhen, presenting a deeply touching drama. The film made its debut on July 28, 2020, at the 14th FIRST Youth Film Festival.

The story follows a young couple as they embark on a rural journey with their child to visit the ailing grandfather. Set in China, the young couple shifts their lives from the bustling city to the tranquil countryside to see the grandfather. However, during the suffocating car journey to their destination, the husband (portrayed by the director himself) transforms their marital relationship into a cinematic tableau, reflecting the gradual breakdown of their bond. Love and filmmaking intertwine in this narrative, presenting a poignant tale for the audience.

Through this plotline, the film delves not only into the narrative of a family trip but also explores the complexities of interpersonal relationships on an emotional level. Combining reality with illusion, the film showcases the fragmented and intricate nature of human emotions. It is not merely a journey exploring love and family but rather a collage of emotions, prompting viewers to contemplate the diverse and intricate facets of human emotions and life.



Director's Statement:

"Love Poem" has allowed me to honestly confront myself—up until now, my filmmaking endeavors have been largely driven by the pursuit of fame and fortune. Within the realm of "film art," I've exhausted myself merely to outshine others in this game of aesthetics, and it has all been about "others." I aspire to break free from this. If possible, I wish to distance myself from my current self through the act of filmmaking. 奖项:

第14届FIRST青年电影展 最佳演员奖和最佳剧情长片奖; 青年电影手册2021年最令人期待影片提名。


- Best Actor Award and Best Feature Film Award at the 14th FIRST Youth Film Festival;

- Nominated for Most Anticipated Film at the 2021 Youth Film Handbook.

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